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This literally reads off of the [WWW]Alwan About page, (Copyright 2004 Alwan Color Expertise. All rights reserved.) This page is a definite candidate for deletion in my opinion. An seconds on that motion? —MichaelWoods

In the current climate of web nonsense (backlinks, SEO, PageRank, etc.) any online resource is ripe for exploitation. I'm more inclined to take a very hard line on anything that smacks of link-building or self-promotion. -ThomasGreer

I am in agreement with Thomas Greer on this. I'd rather delete these articles than feel I am forced to re-write them. If the community believes a product bears the merit it deserves, the community will make those pages. Patrick Van dam clearly has a personal bias in this article, just google his name and Alwan —MichaelWoods

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