Benzimidazolone Carmines and Reds

A variety of organic color pigments used in printing inks. Benzimidazolone Carmine HF 3C is a bright, transparent bluish red possessing high lightfastness and resistance to acids, alkalis, soap and heat. It is widely used in packaging, metal decoration, and other applications where its high expense is warranted. (See also Organic Color Pigments.)

('CI Pigment Red 176 No. 12515'.)

Benzimidazolone Carmine HF4C is a high quality, expensive red pigment, clean in color and highly resistant to chemicals and heat, although it is not particularly lightfast. It is occasionally used as magenta in process color printing, but only when the expense is warranted.

('CI Pigment Red 185 No. 12516'.)

Benzimidazolone Red HF2B is a bright, transparent medium red with moderate heat and light resistance. It also possesses the chemical resistance properties of other Benzimidazolones. It is used in liquid inks for the printing of packaging and for metal decorating.

('CI Pigment Red 208 No. 12514'.)

Benzimidazalone Bordeaux HF 3R is a bright violet transparent red possessing high chemical resistance to most substances, save for some organic solvents. It is highly heat resistant, but not particularly lightfast. It is used primarily for liquid packaging inks and metal decorating.

('CI Pigment Violet 32 No. 12517'.)

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