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    Help/Help on Headlines

    Section Headings

    You can create headings by equal signs. The wiki supports up to five heading levels. In HTML, this is <h1> through <h5>. The heading text is between those markers, separated by a single space.

    Headings are useful because they help divide a page's content. Headings also show up in the [[TableOfContents]] macro. When headings are used next to a thumbnail images, "clear" the text and create a functional break in the text flow.

    For more information on the possible markup, see Help on Editing.


     = Heading Level 1 =
     == Heading Level 2 ==
     === Heading Level  3 ===
     ==== Heading Level  4 ====
     ===== Heading Level  5 =====

    Example Output

    Use the biggest header, = Heading Level 1 =, for creating your initial sections then smaller headers for sub-sections.

    To indent a headline just but a space (or multiple spaces) in front of it:

    == Not indented ==
      == indented ==

    Displays as:

    Not indented

    This is useful for organizing headers. The more spaces put in front of a headline the more it is indented.

    Horizontal Rules

    You can insert a horizontal rule by placing a series of dashes into the page:


    displays as:

    Four of more dashes can be used.

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