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    Naphthol Reds and Rubines

    An organic color pigment used in printing inks. Naphthol Red possesses moderate lightfastness, and good resistance to soap and heat. It is primarily used in the printing of packaging, but its unremarkable lightfastness and high cost limit its use.

    ('CI Pigment Red 17 No. 12390'.)

    Naphthol Red Light differs from Naphthol Red in its chemical structure—it lacks a methyl group (—CH3)—and in its shade, which is a yellow red. It also possesses moderate lightfastness and similar chemical resistance properties. Like Naphthol Red, its expense and unspectacular lightfastness limit its use.

    ('CI Pigment Red 22 No. 12315'.)

    Naphthol Red Dark differs somewhat more significantly from Naphthol Red in chemical structure, and is a dark blue red, but shares similar lightfastness and chemical resistance properties.

    ('CI Pigment Red 23 No. 12355'.)

    Naphthol Red F4R is a bluish red possessing moderate lightfastness, and good resistance to soap and heat. Its use is limited by its expense and its poor lightfastness, but is used in multi-color process color printing of soap packaging.

    ('CI Pigment Red 8 No. 12335'.)

    Naphthol Carmine FBB is a bluish red pigment, and possesses high lightfastness and chemical resistance properties. It is used in liquid and paste inks, as well as for metal decorating inks. It is also a highly expensive pigment, and is used whenever its desirable properties make the added expense warranted.

    Also known as Permanent Carmine FBB ('CI Pigment Red 146 No. 12485').

    Naphthol Red F5RK is a brilliant, strong bluish red, which possesses the high lightfastness and chemical resistance properties. It is suitable for use in inks of all printing processes and applications, but its high cost limits its use.

    ('CI Pigment Red 170 No. 12475'.)

    Naphthol Rubine F6B is similar to Naphthol Carmine FBB in shade, but stronger. It has the high chemical resistance properties of Naphthol Carmine FBB, but has low lightfastness. It is used for liquid inks in the printing of packaging, and for inks utilized for metal decorating.

    ('CI Pigment Red 184'.)

    Naphthol Red F6RK is stronger and bluer than Naphthol Red F5RK, and possesses high resistance to acids, alkalis, soap, wax, and heat, but poor lightfastness. It is used primarily in liquid inks for the printing of packaging.

    ('CI Pigment Red 210'.)

    Naphthol Red LF is a bright, transparent red possessing high lightfastness, and resistance to alkalis and heat. It tends not to withstand exposure to strong solvents, however.

    ('CI Pigment Red 9 No. 12460'.)

    (See also Organic Color Pigments.)

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