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    Quinacridone Magentas

    A series of organic color pigment used in printing inks. Quinacridone Magenta Y is a bright blue red possessing high lightfastness, and resistance to acids, alkalis, soap, water, and heat. Quinacridone Magenta Y is expensive and possesses low tinctorial strength, resulting in its use in only a limited number of applications. (See also Organic Color Pigments.)

    ('CI Pigment Red 122 No. 73915'.)

    Quinacridone Magenta B is the most lightfast of the Quinacridones, and is slightly redder than Quinacridone Magenta Y. It also shares its chemical resistance properties and its expense. It is usable in all printing processes, and is reserved for high-quality applications.

    ('CI Pigment Red 202'.)

    Quinacridone Violet comprises several shades from yellowish red to bright violet and possesses high lightfastness and chemical resistance to most substances. It is an expensive pigment, and is reserved for those applications where its superior properties warrant the expense.

    ('CI Pigment Violet 19 No. 73900'.)

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