Wanted Pages

A page is labeled "wanted" when there are links pointing to it but the page does not yet exist. By creating a wanted page you're adding something that others had probably desired to see on the PrintWiki.

This list is only advisory: just because a page is listed here does not make it necessary. Look carefully at the pages that link to it and use your judgement.

The "most" wanted pages based upon the number of links made from other pages (bigger means more wanted):

ASCII  Bag: Paper Bags  CAD  CCD  CD-ROM  CEPS  CMYK  CPU  DOS  Feeder Section: Sheetfed Offset Lithography  Floppy Disk  Inking System: Flexography  Inking System: Offset Lithography  JPEG  NTSC  OS/2  Offset Lithography: Printing Unit  PAL  PC  Paper and Papermaking: Paper Properties  Photography: Graphic Arts Photography  Photostencil: Direct Process  Plate: Flexography  Plate: Offset Lithography  Prepress: Graphic Arts Photography and Flat Assembly  RAM  RGB  SECAM  Server  Web Offset Lithography: Infeed and Web Control  World Wide Web  cable television network  coatings  command-line interface  compact disc  continuous-tone  database  drawing program  fillers  hot-metal  inorganic color pigment  lithographic  machine language  megabyte  megahertz  microprocessor  modem  mouse  node  operating system  optical disc  organic color pigment  pH  page makeup program  protocol  read/write head  secondary colors  videodisc  virtual reality  white pigment  

What follows is a list of all "wanted" pages. Each wanted page includes a list, following it, of all the pages where it is referred to:

  1. organic color pigment: Ethyl Lake Red C, Para Reds, Fire Reds, Azo Magenta G, BON Red, Toluidines, Tartrazine Yellow Lake, Madder Lakes, Fluorescent Yellow, Phthalocyanine Greens, PMTA Victoria Blue, Dioxazine Violet B, Rubine Reds, Quinacridone Magentas, Benzimidazolone Orange HL, Indanthrene Blue, Diarylide Yellow, Pyrazolone Orange, DNA Orange, Fast Orange F2G, Rhodamine 6G, Hansa Yellows, Crystal Violet, BON Maroon, Permanent Red FRL, Toluidine Red, Diazo Brown, Yellow Lakes, Peacock Blue, Copper Ferrocyanide Pink, Thioindigoid Red, Lithol* Rubine 4B, Lake Red C, Permanent Red FRR, PMTA Rhodamine, Benzimidazolone Brown HFR, Bordeaux FRR, Carmine F.B., PMTA Violet, Dioxazine Violet Carbazole Violet, Diarylide Orange, Naphthol Reds and Rubines, Anthraquinone Scarlet, BON Arylamide Red, Victoria Blue CFA, Permanent Red "R"
  2. compact disc: Leakage, CD, Red Book, Multimedia, Jewel Box, Green Book, Orange Book, Laser Disc, Yellow Book, High-Density Compact Disc, Rock Ridge, Optical Memory Disc Recorder, Pulse Code Modulation, Multi-Session, High Sierra, Photo CD, Protection Master, Single-Session, Premastering, Analog, Disk, Disc, Optical Media, Lands, Glass Master, Pits, Stamper, Replication
  3. fillers: Ash Content, Dimensional Stability, Tensile Breaking Strength, Moisture Content, Folding Endurance, Wire Side, Bursting Strength, Tearing Resistance, Loading, Equilibrium Moisture Content, Clay, Titanium Dioxide, Equilibrium Relative Humidity, Paper and Papermaking, Refining, Pick Resistance, Ink Absorbency, Chemical Pulping, Opacity, Stock Preparation, Felt Side, Fourdrinier, Furnish, Pigment, Beater, Runnability, Pulp
  4. videodisc: Active Play, Chapter, Long Play, Laser Videodisc, Interactive Video, Protection Master, Premastering, Non-Linear Editing, Blanking Level, Step Backward, Laser Disc, Track Advance, Step Forward, Multimedia, Intermediate Material, Picture Stop, Nebraska Scale, Track Reverse, Pulse Code Modulation, Chapter Stop, Blanking Interval, Super Storyboard, Frame Grabber, Linear Play, Optical Media, Check Disc, Step Frame
  5. Plate: Offset Lithography: Heat-Sensitive Plate, Photolithographic, Desensitization, Surface Plate, Presensitized Plate, Web Offset Lithography, Silver Halide Plate, Bimetal Plate, Hybrid Plate, Sensitize, Subtractive Plate, Photopolymer Plate, Additive Plate, Negative-Working Plate, Prepress, Diazo Plate, Desensitize, Ablation Plate, Positive-Working Plate, Offset Lithography, Polymerization, Photopolymer, Electrophotographic Plate, Sensitization, Aluminum Plate, Diazo
  6. microprocessor: Scalable Processor ARChitecture, Complex Instruction-Set Computing, Large-Scale Integration, Color, Gigascale Integration, Gallium Arsenide, Native Signal Processing, Chip Family, Microcomputer, Multimedia, 64-Bit, Ice Cap, Nebraska Scale, Coprocessor, 16-Bit, Processor, Extended Memory Specification, Chip, Microcode, 32-Bit, Sequencer, Chip Set, Transputer, Graphics Accelerator, Architecture
  7. CD-ROM: Image, Magneto-Optical Disc, Single-Session, Desktop Video, Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code, Distribution Medium, Commodore Dynamic Total Vision, Installation Program, Single-Speed, Multiple Media, Photo CD, Double-Speed, Drive, Data Production, Triple-Speed, Derivative Work, Interactive Video, Erasable Optical Disc, Edutainment, Click Art, Digital Photography, Header, Multi-Session, Multimedia
  8. pH: Acid, Scumming, Paper and Papermaking, Alkali Resistance, Offset Lithography, Acid Paper, Base, Alkaline Paper, Buffer, Basic, Plate Blinding, Buffer Capacity, Alkali, Fountain Solution, Calcium Carbonate, Neutral pH, Acid Number, Ink, Web Offset Lithography, Acidity, Sequestering Agent, Dampening System, Roller Stripping, Drier
  9. optical disc: Optical Memory Disc Recorder, Pulse Code Modulation, Non-Linear, Focus Servo, Erasable Optical Disc, Digital Photography, Constant Angular Velocity, Track, Optical Media, Disc Warp, Replication, Optical Storage, Drive, Spin-Coating, Color, Magneto-Optical Disc, Disc, Photo Detector, Archive, Constant Linear Velocity
  10. Paper and Papermaking: Paper Properties: Apparent Density, Smoothness, Caliper, Pulp, Wet Pressing, Refining, Pick Resistance, Durability, Ink Absorbency, Porosity, Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, Filler, Water Resistance, Basis Weight, Strength Test, Ink Holdout, Folding Endurance, Formation, Printability Tester, Tearing Resistance
  11. Inking System: Offset Lithography: Intermediate Rollers, Fountain Blade, Rider Roller, Ductor Roller, Fountain Keys, Form Roller, Distributor, Hardness, Cylinder Gap, Aller Undulating Ductor Roller, Roller Train, Web Offset Lithography, Fountain Cheek, Ductor Shock, Bladeless Ink Fountain, Dwell, Fountain Roller, Oscillator, Offset Lithography
  12. DOS: Color, LPTx Port, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Cross-Platform, High Memory Area, Ctrl-C, Environment, File Extension, Windows, PRN, Power Mac, High DOS Memory, Graphical User Interface, Multimedia Marketing Council, Disk Operating System, Platform, Standard Platform
  13. inorganic color pigment: Chrome Yellows, Cadmium Yellows, Chromium Antimony Titanium Buff Rutile, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Earth Colors, Cadmium Orange, Chinese Blue, Chrome Green, Milori Blue, Toning Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Bronze Blue, Iron Oxide Yellows, Cadmium-Mercury Red, Cadmium Red, Molybdate Orange
  14. World Wide Web: Universal Resource Locator, Hypertext, Set-Top Box, Home Page, Standard Generalized Mark-Up Language, Cyberspace, Hypertext Transport Protocol, Mosaic, Gopher, Multimedia, HotJava, Internet, Browser, Hypertext Markup Language, Java, Web, Tilde
  15. Floppy Disk: Disk Drive, Hard Disk, Drive, Drive Letter, Click Art, Disc, Color, Installation Program, Index Hole, Double Density, File Protection, Distribution Medium, Multimedia, Diskette, Flexible Disk, Non-Linear
  16. megabyte: Kilobyte, Multimedia, Mega-, Quarter-Inch Cartridge, High Memory Area, Gigabyte, Byte, Real Mode, SCSI2, DC-2000, SyQuest, Hard Disk, Bit, High DOS Memory, Scanning, Color
  17. operating system: Fatal Error, Macintosh Operating System, Digital Signal Processor, Color, Shell, PANTONE Open Color Environment, Real-Time Operating System, Platform, General Purpose Operating System, Architecture, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Standard Generalized Mark-Up Language, Color Management System, Nebraska Scale, Environment
  18. ASCII: Image Scanner, Text File, ASCII Extended Character Set, Character Code, ASCII Standard Character Set, File Format, US ASCII, Control Character, ASCII File, Character Set, Tag, Code Set, Scanner, Carriage Return
  19. coatings: Pick Resistance, Ink Absorbency, Cover Paper, Pigment, Runnability, Blister, Smoothness, Finish, Alkaline Paper, Equilibrium Moisture Content, Beater, Pickout, Clay, Equilibrium Relative Humidity
  20. RAM: Full-Motion Video, Central Processing Unit, Color, Raster-Pattern Storage, Real-Time Animation, Kilobyte, Scanning, Frame Grabber, System 7.X, Bit Map, Vector Graphics, Buffer, Coarse Data File, Digital Camera
  21. CEPS: Paste-Up, Open Prepress Interface, Track, Desktop-to-Prepress, Color Retouching Station, Image Management, Outline Mask, Color Electronic Prepress System, Page Makeup Software, Hell Angles, ChromaCom, Prepress, Clean Room
  22. CPU: Chip, Interface, Formatting, Peripheral, Desktop Computer, Frequency, CPU Chip, Blitter, CPU Time, Interactive Session, Buffer, Machine-to-Machine Communication, Hardware
  23. NTSC: Scan Converter, SMPTE Time Code, Drop-Frame Time Code, D2, Frame Frequency, Raster, Square-Pixel Digitizing, Field Frequency, D2-MAC, High-Definition Television, Frame, D3, Full-Motion Video
  24. Server: Communications Server, Fax Server, AppleShare, File Server, Internet, Access Server, Local, Remote Terminal, AppleTalk Filing Protocol, Print Server, Database Server, Application Server, Gopher
  25. white pigment: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Sulfide, Mixing White, Calcium Carbonate, Transparent Pigment, Tint, Lithopone, Alumina Hydrate, Gloss White, Zinc White, Blanc Fixe, Tinting Strength, China Clay
  26. database: Bibliographic Database, Database Administrator, Automatic Rollback, Integrated On-Line Database Service, Database Model, Database Producer, Database Administration, Distributed Database, Numeric Database, Database Management System, Generalized Sort/Merge Program, Relational Database
  27. read/write head: Disk Head, Access Area, Flying Height, Laser Servo, Head, Focus Servo, Step Backward, Track Advance, Step Forward, Cylinder, Dedicated Landing Zone, Track Reverse
  28. lithographic: Alkali Blues, Permanent Red FRR, Gravure Cylinder, Caking, Antioxidant, Running Register, Paste Ink, Fluorescent Yellow, Alumina Hydrate, Pyrazolone Orange, Hansa Yellows
  29. modem: Internet, Multimedia, Facsimile Modem, Acoustic Coupler, Dataphone, Hardware, Modulation, Carrier, Viditel, Compatibility, Dataspeed
  30. PAL: Raster, Square-Pixel Digitizing, Field Frequency, D2-MAC, High-Definition Television, D3, Full-Motion Video, YUV, Scan Converter, D2, Frame Frequency
  31. PC: Clock, DIN Connector, IBM-Compatible Computer, PRN, Compatibility, Personal Computer, Encapsulated PostScript, Micro-to-Mainframe, Serial Port, LPTx Port, Desktop Color
  32. Plate: Flexography: Flexography, Prepress, Sheet Photopolymer, Polymerization, Design Roll, Resist, Bleeder Strip, Rubber Plate, Liquid Photopolymer, Etchant, Photopolymer Plate
  33. CAD: Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language, Coprocessor, DXF, ANSI Y14.5, CATIA, Bézier Curve, Drawing Interchange Format, Modeling, DFX, Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
  34. CCD: Trilinear Array, Charge-Coupled Device, Exposure, Linear Array, Area Array, CCD Scanner, Exposure Level, Photo CD, Analog-to-Digital Converter, CCD Array
  35. hot-metal: Dump, Ludlow, Type Metal, Shift, Spaceband, Magazine, Tight Line, Sorts, Unit Cut Mat, Slug
  36. Photostencil: Direct Process: Direct Photoscreen Stencil, Coated Screen, Direct Printing Screen, Photographic Screen Printing Plate, Bichromate Direct Emulsion, Photoscreen, Photographic Screen Printing, Coater, Direct Process, Direct Emulsion
  37. virtual reality: Environmental Immersion, Full Immersion, Data Glove, Partial Immersion, Head Tracking, Head-Mounted Display, Data Suit, Virtual, Simulation, AIP Cube
  38. Web Offset Lithography: Infeed and Web Control: Roll Stand, Infeed, Zero-Speed Splicer, Web Tension, Flying Splicer, Infeed Section, Tension Span, Auxiliary Roll Stand, Dancer Roller, Side Roll Stand
  39. Bag: Paper Bags: Duplex Bag, Pasted-Valve Stepped End, Sewn-Valve, Single-Ply Bag, Pinch-Bottom Open-Mouth, Shipping-Sack Kraft, Pasted Open-Mouth, Sewn-Open Mouth, Multiwall Bag
  40. CMYK: Scanning, ANSI IT8, Color Management System, Black, PANTONE, TRUMATCH, Transformation Algorithm, Color Computer, Photo CD
  41. drawing program: Draw, Prepress, Constrain, Anchor Point, Computer Graphics, Autotrace, Group, Envelope, Auto-Join
  42. Offset Lithography: Printing Unit: Printing Nip, Cylinder Gap, Plate Cylinder, Delivery Cylinder, Impression Cylinder, Blanket Cylinder, Impression Nip, Plate, Back Pressure
  43. Prepress: Graphic Arts Photography and Flat Assembly: Master Flat, Negative, Strip, Photography, Double Printing, Surprinting, Stripping, Imposition, Complementary Flat
  44. cable television network: Interactive, Head End, Downstream, Set-Top Box, Community Antenna TeleVision, Cable, Interactive Teletext, Upstream
  45. continuous-tone: Panel Pictures, Screen, Composite, Screening, Tone-Line, Screen Ruling, Crossline Screen, Main Exposure
  46. Feeder Section: Sheetfed Offset Lithography: Pile Table, Separator Finger, Register Block, Roll Sheeter, Separator Brush, Pickup Sucker, Feeder Foot, Sheet Detector
  47. Inking System: Flexography: Cell Wall, Enclosed Inking System, Anilox System, Manifold Inking System, Form Roller, Fountain Roller, Cell, Doctor Blade
  48. megahertz: Broadband, Hertz, CPU Chip, Clock, Color, Clock Rate, Multimedia, Ice Cap
  49. node: Branch, Token Passing, Centralized Network, Distributed Network, Off-Line, Mount, Inverted Backbone, Mesh Network
  50. Photography: Graphic Arts Photography: Stat Camera, Horizontal Camera, Process Camera, Copyboard, Camera Setting, Vertical Camera, Prepress, Copy Camera
  51. protocol: AppleTalk Filing Protocol, Hypertext Transport Protocol, Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking, Encapsulation, XON/XOFF, Dynamic Data Exchange, AppleTalk, Packet
  52. RGB: Color Model, Scanning, Photo CD, Transformation Algorithm, Color Computer, Color Management System, ANSI IT8, CCIR 601
  53. secondary colors: Photography, Red, Green, and Blue, Color Synthesis, Binary Color, Color Palette, Overprint Colors, Tertiary Color, Color
  54. command-line interface: Graphical User Interface, CLI, Confirmation Prompt, Launch, Character-Based Interface, Color, Interface
  55. JPEG: Photo CD, Prepress, Image Compression, Joint Photographic Experts Group, Graphics Formats, Data Compression, JPEG++
  56. machine language: Microcode, Source Program, Machine Code, Object Program, Interpreter, Language, Automatic Coding
  57. mouse: Cordless Mouse, Digitization, Interactive Session, Mouse Button, Button, Graphic Input Device, Digitizer
  58. OS/2: PRN, Warp, Standard Platform, Dynamic Data Exchange, LPTx Port, Platform, BMP
  59. page makeup program: PANTONE, Frame, Toolbox, Publishing Interchange Language, Prepress, Pagination, TRUMATCH
  60. SECAM: Scan Converter, Frame Frequency, Full-Motion Video, Raster, Field Frequency, D2-MAC, High-Definition Television
  61. ASCII text: Standard Generalized Mark-Up Language, MIME, Photo CD, Text, Scanning, Prepress
  62. binding: Tight Back, PUR, Finishing, Flat Back, Loose Back, Round Back
  63. casing in: Case Binding, Binding and Finishing, Gluing Off, Nipping, Glue-Off Machine, Backing
  64. CD-i: Set-Top Box, Roller Controller, Delta-YUV, Interleave, Nebraska Scale, Three-DO
  65. chemical pulp: Ledger Paper, Bristol Paper, Glassine, Index Paper, Bond Paper, Grease-Proof Paper
  66. codec: Cinepak, Data Compression, Multimedia, Indeo, Coder/Decoder, Discrete Cosine Transform
  67. component video: C-MAC, YUV, RP 125, YCrCb, CCIR 601, CCIR 656
  68. Ethernet: Thin Ethernet, Coaxial Cable, AppleTalk, DECnet, Thick Ethernet, Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
  69. GUI: UNIX, Macintosh, Tile, Desktop, Macintosh Operating System, Folder
  70. MPEG: Motion Picture Experts Group, Interframe Compression, Data Compression, Moving Pictures Experts Group, White Book, Multimedia
  71. network topology: Distributed Network, Ring Network, Mesh Network, Topology, Token Passing, Centralized Network
  72. offset lithographic: High-Gloss Ink, Neoprene, Di-Litho, Box, Drying Oil Vehicle, Excess Pressure
  73. parallel port: Serial Port, LPTx Port, Parallel Printer, PRN, Dongle, Serial
  74. Photostencil: Indirect Process: Transfer Type Printing Screen, Indirect Process, Transfer Film, Transfer Stencil, Indirect Printing Screen, Indirect Stencil
  75. Plate Cylinder: Flexography: Demountable, Magnetic, Sleeve, Flexography, Integral, Impression Cylinder
  76. sector: Header, Index Hole, Disk Sector, Yellow Book, Constant Linear Velocity, Constant Angular Velocity
  77. touch screen: Infrared Monitor, Touch-Sensitive Display, Piezo Electric Force Transducer, Surface Acoustical Wave Monitor, Capacitive Monitor, Resistive Monitor
  78. Black Pigments: Black Iron Oxides, Pigment, Furnace Black, Ink, Magnetic Ink
  79. CLUT: Color Map, Color Mapping, Look-Up Table, Color Look-Up Table, Color Computer
  80. Color Proofing: Offset Lithography, Proofing, GATF/REHM Light Indicator, GCA/GATF Proof Comparator, Neugebauer Equations
  81. composite video: D3, Decoder/Encoder, D2, Composite, Composite Color
  82. flash memory: Flash, Flash ROM, Erasable Read-Only Memory, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, Digital Photography
  83. Folding: Knife Folder: Quadruple, Quad, Jobber, Right-Angle Folder, Double-Sixteen
  84. fraction: Shilling Fraction, Piece Fraction, En Fraction, Em Fraction, Built-Up Fraction
  85. Gravure Engraving: Diffusion-Etch Process: Diffusion-Etch Process, Conventional Gravure Engraving, Variable Area Engraving, Hard Dot Engraving, Two-Positive System
  86. Internet service provider: E-Mail, Archie, Gopher, Internet, Integrated Services Digital Network
  87. magnetic disk: Media, Magnetic Media, Digital Photography, Magneto-Optical Disc, Track
  88. MIDI: General MIDI, Sequencer, Multimedia, International MIDI Association, Digital Audio
  89. minicomputer: Mainframe, Nine-Track Tape, Microcomputer, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, Data Processing
  90. object-oriented programming: Class, Clustering, Object-Oriented, Object, Concurrency
  91. plotter: Mylar, Film Plotter, Spot, Dot, Graphic Output Device
  92. router: Internet, Inverted Backbone, Brouter, Convergence, Filtering
  93. table rolls: Foils, Paper and Papermaking, Fourdrinier, Forming Section, Forming Wire
  94. tabular composition: Condensed, Tabular Format, Table Chart, Tabular Material, Chart
  95. Type and Typography: History of Type: Composing Stick, Monotype, Linecaster, Linotype, Intertype
  96. type specification: Proofing, Reset, House Style, Composition and Markup, Formatting
  97. USENET: Spam, Flame, Flame War, Internet, Flame Bait
  98. 5000 K: Color Temperature, Transparency Viewing Lamp, Standard Viewing Conditions, Transparency Viewer
  99. against the grain: Gloss, Moisture Content, Grain, Folding Endurance
  100. burst: Air Shear Burst, Caliper Shear Burst, Cross-Machine Tension Burst, Full Machine-Direction Burst
  101. bus: SCSI, System Bus, Architecture, SCSI2
  102. capitals: Caps, Uppercase, Majuscule, Caps and Small Caps
  103. compression ratio: YCC, Discrete Cosine Transform, Shower-Door Effect, Reduction Rate
  104. DCS: EPS5, Five-File EPS, Composite Color File, Open Prepress Interface
  105. DDCP: Digital Hard Proof, Digital Proof, Direct Digital Color Proof, Digital Soft Proof
  106. Electron Beam (EB) Curing Ink: Photo-Reactive Vehicle, EB Curing Ink, Radiation Curing Ink, Ultraviolet Curing Ink
  107. expansion card: Circuit Card, Facsimile Modem, Socket, Fax Board
  108. fixing solution: Photography, Developer, Fixing, Stop Bath
  109. former folder: Former Fold, Angle Bar, Combination Folder, Double-Former Folder
  110. GIF: Graphics Formats, Prepress, Bit Map Format, Graphics Interchange Format
  111. Gravure: Offset Gravure: Transfer Roller, Offset Gravure, Indirect Gravure, Flexo Gravure
  112. grayscale: Color Control Bar, Flatbed Scanner, Photography, Middletone Placement
  113. imagesetters: Screen Ruling, Graphic Output Device, Midrange, Laser Printer
  114. irrational screen angles: Traditional Color Angles, Color, Screen Angles, Hell Angles
  115. ISDN: Local Area Network, Primary Rate Interface, Two-B+D, Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
  116. LCD: Digital Photography, Back Light, Liquid Crystal Display, Electroluminescent Display
  117. login: Sign On, Logout, Log, Logon
  118. middle tones: Three-Point Curve Control, Duotone, Shadow, Contrast
  119. multitasking: Foreground, Concurrent Processing, UNIX, Finder
  120. Paper and Papermaking: Papermaking: Stock Preparation, Furnish, Beater, Fourdrinier
  121. parallel: RP 125, Serial Transmission, Serial, CCIR 656
  122. pi character: Dagger, Box, Bullet, Asterisk
  123. post-production: Production, Post, Production Control Room, Sweetening
  124. primary color: Overprint Colors, Tertiary Color, Strobing, Overprint
  125. process ink: Unsharp Mask, Color Reference, Non-Reproducible Color, Progressive Proof
  126. random access memory: Single In-Line Package, Single In-Line Memory Module, Multimedia, Virtual
  127. rider: Roller Train, Inking System, Intermediate Rollers, Distributor
  128. RISC: Complex Instruction-Set Computing, Scalable Processor ARChitecture, Screen Angles, RISC-Based Workstation
  129. screen angle: Screen Algorithms, Irrational Screen Angle, Circular Screen, Rational Screen Angle
  130. smooth: Book Paper, Bristol Paper, Finish, Cover Paper
  131. substrates: Flexography, Non-Scratch Ink, Polyethylene, Curved Screen
  132. synchronization: Time-Base Corrector, Lip Synchronization, EIA SYNC, Time Base
  133. terabyte: Color, Bit, Tera-, Gigabyte
  134. VGA: Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Super Video Graphics Array, XGA, 8-Bit Color
  135. workstation: Local, Remote Terminal, RISC-Based Workstation, DECnet
  136. actinic light: Film, Emulsion, Dark Reaction
  137. aniline dye: Flexography, Dye, Printing
  138. antioxidants: Inhibitor, Retarder, Drier
  139. asynchronous transmission: Framing, Data Bit, Asynchronous
  140. Bag: Plastic Bags: Twin Seal, Bottom Seal, Sideweld Seal
  141. Basic Rate Interface: Primary Rate Interface, Two-B+D, Integrated Services Digital Network
  142. binary digit: CPU Chip, Byte, Binary
  143. bond: Air Drying, Substance, Substance Number
  144. Boot: Bootstrapping, Cold Boot, Restart
  145. bridge: Filtering, Forwarding, Brouter
  146. bristol: Vellum-Finish Bristol, Postal Bristol, Sizing
  147. Cache Memory: Disk Cache, Direct-Mapped Cache, Set-Associative Cache
  148. Cadmium Oranges: Cadmium Yellows, Inorganic Color Pigments, Cadmium-Mercury Red
  149. Carbon Blacks: Thermal Black, Black Pigment, Pigment
  150. CCITT: H.261, Link Level, International Telecommunications Union
  151. CD-R: Multi-Session, Multimedia, Single-Session
  152. CGA: XGA, Enhanced Graphics Adapter, CGA Monitor
  153. charge-coupled devices: Scanner, Scanning, Flatbed Scanner
  154. checksum: Summation Check, Check, Framing
  155. chill rolls: Dryer, Heatset Ink, High-Velocity Hot-Air Dryer
  156. Comité Consultatif International des Radiocommunications: CCIR 601, European Broadcast Union, CCIR 656
  157. Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique: CCITT Groups 1:4, CCITT X Series, CCITT V Series
  158. compiler: Interpreter, Language, Computer-Independent Language
  159. Compress: Decompress, Code Book Encoding, Shrink
  160. copperplate printing: Intaglio, Printing, Gravure
  161. cotton content: Map Paper, Drawing Paper, Bank Note Paper
  162. CRT: Display Monitor, Intensity, Display
  163. CT: Continuous Tone, Computed Tomography, Graphics Formats
  164. Diarylide Yellows: Diarylide Orange, Hansa Yellows, Organic Color Pigments
  165. disk refiners: Refining, Stock Preparation, Beater
  166. dot size: Elliptical Dot, Color, Hue Error
  167. electrotype: Letterpress, Patent Base, Type and Typography
  168. Embossed: Finish, Leatherette-Finish Paper, Cover Paper
  169. end paper: Case Binding, Body, Saddle-Stitching
  170. Error Correction: Error Correcting Code, Forward Acting Code, Packet
  171. error detection: Parity Bit, Parity Check, Hamming Code
  172. expanded memory specification: Extended Memory Specification, High DOS Memory, Expanded Memory
  173. expansion board: Option Module, Desktop Video, Color
  174. FDDI: Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking, Dual Homing, Copper Distribted Data Interface
  175. Feeding Section: Sheetfed Offset Lithography: Stream Feeder, Forwarding Roller, Single-Sheet Feeder
  176. filmboard: Vertical Camera, Photography, Horizontal Camera
  177. Flexography: Press Configurations: Stack Press, Impression Cylinder, Central Impression Press
  178. fold plate: Binding and Finishing, Buckle Folder, Folding
  179. form/fill/seal: Bag-In-Box, Bag, Aseptic Packaging
  180. fountain pan: Dampening System, Water Fountain, Water Pan
  181. hint: Type 3 PostScript Font, Type 1 PostScript Font, Encryption
  182. HSB: HLS, TRUMATCH, Color
  183. Infeed System: Offset Lithography, Gripper-Bowing Device, Gripper
  184. information superhighway: Info Highway, Digital Highway, Information Highway
  185. Ink: Ink Manufacturing: Wetting, Presscake, Dispersion
  186. Ink: Printing Ink Defects and Problems: Fineness-of-Grind, Crocking, Emulsification
  187. Inking System: Gravure: Gravure, Fountain Roller, Doctor Blade
  188. interactivity: Super Storyboard, Nebraska Scale, Presentation Graphics
  189. land: Mastering, Glass Master, Stamper
  190. left justification: Align Left, Right Justified, Flush Left
  191. Letterpress: Platen Press: Platen Press, Flatbed, Platen
  192. live matter area: Pagination, Type Surface, Type Page
  193. metallic ink: Aluminum Ink, Aluminum Bronze, Fountain Solution
  194. Microsoft Windows: Window, IBM-Compatible Computer, Macintosh
  195. monohydric alcohol: Polyhydric Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methyl Alcohol
  196. Musical Instrument Digital Interface: International MIDI Association, General MIDI, Multimedia
  197. Object Linking and Embedding: Object, Dynamic Data Exchange, Client Application
  198. Opaque pigments: Opacity, Cover White, Transparent Pigment
  199. parity: Nine-Track Tape, Parity Bit, Parity Check
  200. Phase Alternating Line: National Television Standards Committee, Broadcast Quality, Color Difference
  201. PHIGS: PHIGS+, Color Model, Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
  202. photo reactive vehicle: Ink, Vehicle, Electron Beam Curing Ink
  203. Photostencil: Direct/Indirect Process: Direct/Indirect Photoscreen Stencil, Direct/Indirect Process, Direct/Indirect Printing Screen
  204. pit: Mastering, Glass Master, Stamper
  205. Plate: Flexography: Rubber Plates: Matrix, Photoengraving, Molding Press
  206. quad speed: Double-Speed, Triple-Speed, Single-Speed
  207. SGML: Association of American Publishers, Automated Technical Order System, Document Type Definition
  208. spot-color printing: Fountain Splitter, Offset Lithography, Inking System
  209. storage fragmentation: File Fragmentation, Fragmented, Fragmentation
  210. sulfate: Sulfite Process, Digester, Tag
  211. swash: Alternate Characters, Decorative Type, Evocative Typography
  212. TAPPI Useful Test Methods: TAPPI Official Test Method, Paper and Papermaking, Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry
  213. trackball: Analog-to-Digital Converter, Roller Controller, Digitizer
  214. twin-wire formers: Forming Section, Cylinder Machine, Top-Wire Former
  215. Video Graphics Array: 8-Bit Color, VGA/EGA/CGA Monitor, Super Video Graphics Array
  216. waterless printing: Toning, Tinting, Lithography
  217. Web Offset Lithography: Dryers and Chill Rolls: Open-Flame Dryer, Chill Roll, High-Velocity Hot-Air Dryer
  218. with the grain: Gloss, Grain, Moisture Content
  219. world coordinates: Modeling Coordinates, Coordinate System, Eye Coordinates
  220. A/D Converter: D/A Converter, Analog-to-Digital Converter
  221. absolute address: Effective Address, Machine Address
  222. accents: Type and Typography, Pi Characters
  223. address: Mnemonics, All Points Addressability
  224. Adobe Acrobat: Variable Data Printing, Portable Document Format
  225. alkalinity: Neutral pH, Alkali
  226. alpha test: Bug, Multimedia
  227. analog audio: Decoded Audio Signal, Audio Capture Board
  228. Antique: Finish, Book Paper
  229. apochromatic: Photography, Achromat
  230. ASA: Photography, Film Speed
  231. assembly language: Mnemonics, High-Level Language
  232. auto assemble: On-Line Editing, Line Editing
  233. Backbone Network: Inverted Backbone, Backbone
  234. bareback: Dampening System, Form Roller
  235. beater sizing: Sizing, Internal Sizing
  236. beta test: Multimedia, Bug
  237. binders: Vinyl Acrylic Latices, Pick Resistance
  238. bit rate: Data Rate, Data-Transfer Rate
  239. bits per second: Narrowband, Kbs
  240. blanket-to-blanket: Web Lead Rollers, Web Offset Lithography
  241. BNC: Bayonet, Bayonet-Neil-Concelman
  242. Boolean operator: Boolean Algebra, Boolean Search
  243. borders: Type and Typography, Ornament
  244. C: Multimedia, UNIX
  245. Cadmium Reds: Cadmium Yellows, Cadmium-Mercury Red
  246. Cadmium Yellow: Inorganic Color Pigments, Cadmium Orange
  247. Calender Spots: Pickout, Calendering
  248. camcorder: Electronic Field Production, Eight Millimeter
  249. camcorders: Camera, Hi-8
  250. casemaking: Turn-In, Case Binding
  251. CD-quality: Digital Audio, D2-MAC
  252. cdev: INIT, Control Device
  253. channel: Scanning, Communications Channel
  254. chrome yellow: Hansa Yellows, Chrome Green
  255. Clock-Multiplying: Clock-Doubling, Clock-Tripling
  256. CMY: Color Separation, Color Management System
  257. coated-one-side: Label Paper, Flint Paper
  258. coaxial: Thick Ethernet, Thin Ethernet
  259. Cold Temperature Adhesive: Hot-Temperature Adhesive, Adhesive
  260. color electronic publishing system: High-Resolution File, Color
  261. color electronic publishing systems: Line Work, Silhouette
  262. Color Lookup Table: Color Map, Color Mapping
  263. Color: Color Measurement: Maxwell's Triangle, Munsell Color Space
  264. Compact Disc Digital Audio: Audio CD, CD
  265. compact disc-digital audio: Red Book, Digital Audio
  266. Compact Disc-Interactive: Roller Controller, Green Book
  267. compact disc-read only memory: CD, Yellow Book
  268. compile: Source Code, Assemble
  269. computer program: Program, Source Program
  270. connector: Pinouts, Scart
  271. Corrugations: Ridge, Rope Marks
  272. D-channel: Integrated Services Digital Network, Primary Rate Interface
  273. dancing roll: Flexography, Gravure
  274. dash: Em, En
  275. dedicated line: Dedicated, Dedicated Circuit
  276. dictionary: Exception Dictionary, Hyphenation Dictionary
  277. die-cutting: Box, Cutscore
  278. digital form: Audio Capture Board, Digital Scanner
  279. Digital Prepress: Prepress, Offset Lithography
  280. digitizer board: Capture Board, Audio Capture Board
  281. DIN: DIN Connector, DIN Keyboard
  282. Dioxazine Violet (RL) Carbazole Violet: Permanent Violet, Organic Color Pigments
  283. Disk Controller: Hard Disk Controller, Disk Coprocessor Board
  284. domain: E-Mail, Internet
  285. double-clicking: Mouse Button, Clicking
  286. EBCDIC: Character Set, Code Set
  287. electrostatic printing: Electrophotographic Plate, Printing
  288. end-of-paragraph code: Primary Indent, Secondary Indent
  289. error correction and detection: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, Error Control
  290. error detecting code: Self-Checking Code, EDC
  291. error message: Error Condition, Error
  292. extender pigment: Base, Gloss White
  293. Face-Cut Label: Laid On Label, Label
  294. felt: Machine Clothing, Finish
  295. fiber optic: Land Line, Fiber
  296. File Compression: Data Compression, SEA
  297. flicker blades: Web Offset Lithography, Dampening System
  298. floating-point coprocessor: Floating-Point Unit, Coprocessor
  299. FM screening: Amplitude Modulation, Stochastic Screening
  300. Foreground Processing: Background Processing, Foreground Job
  301. Fountain Solution: pH: Scumming, Plate Blinding
  302. four-color: Prepress, GCA/GATF Proof Comparator
  303. full-color: Carbro, Color
  304. gateway: External Mail Gateway, Internet
  305. GCA: Graphic Communications Association, GCR Guide
  306. gluing-off: Back Gluing, Case Binding
  307. GPIB: General Purpose Interface Board, General Purpose Interface Bus
  308. Gravure Engraving: Direct-Transfer Process: Direct-Transfer Process, Single-Positive System
  309. half-uncial: Uncial, Lowercase
  310. hardware address: Media-Access-Control Address, Ethernet Address
  311. heat-transfer printing: Sublimable Dye, Dye Sublimation Printer
  312. hemicelluloses: Lignin, Chemical Pulping
  313. hickeys: Dry Dusting, Offset Lithography
  314. host: Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking, Heterogeneous Network
  315. hot melt ink: Hot-Wax Screen, Cold-Set Ink
  316. HSV: Color, HLS
  317. HTML: Internet, Hypertext
  318. hub: Inverted Backbone, Centralized Network
  319. IBM: Big Blue, IBM-Compatible Computer
  320. inbetweening: Multimedia, Tweening
  321. index bristol: Index Paper, Bristol Paper
  322. information path: Path, Map
  323. Ink: Printing Requirements: Printing, Binder
  324. Input/Output Bound: Output Bound, I/O Bound
  325. integrated circuit: Large-Scale Integration, Gigascale Integration
  326. interactive television: Interactive, Set-Top Box
  327. Iron Blues: Inorganic Color Pigments, Chrome Yellows
  328. ISO 9660: High Sierra, Photo CD
  329. Jughead: Archie, Internet
  330. K: Kelvin, Kilo-
  331. keyboard buffer: Type-Ahead Buffer, Keystroke Storage
  332. Keyboard Shortcut: Shortcut, Command Key
  333. kilocharacters per second: Kchar/s, Characters Per Second
  334. knife-cut stencil: Hand-Cut Stencil, Indirect Printing Screen
  335. Laid: Finish, Fourdrinier
  336. Laminating: Binding and Finishing, Finishing
  337. laptop: Liquid Crystal Display, Road Warrior
  338. laptop computer: LCD Monitor, Luggable
  339. LED: Light-Emitting Diode, Gallium Arsenide
  340. letter element: Leg, Spur
  341. Letterpress: Flatbed Press: Flatbed, Flatbed Press
  342. Loose-Leaf Binder: Post Binder, Ring Binder
  343. low-end: High-End, Midrange
  344. LZW: Lempel-Ziv-Welch, Image Compression
  345. MB: Scanning, Color
  346. mechanical pulp: Free Sheet, Groundwood Book Papers
  347. metallic powder: Bronze Powder, Size
  348. metallic screen fabric: Wire Mesh, Wire Screen
  349. Microsecond: Nanosecond, Millisecond
  350. midtone: Middle Tone, Photography
  351. mission-critical application: Line-of-Business Application, Enterprise Network
  352. motherboard: Backplane, Hardware
  353. mottled: Paper and Papermaking, Finish
  354. ms: Millisecond, Medium Shot
  355. MS-DOS: Extended Memory Specification, IBM-Compatible Computer
  356. multimedia personal computer: Multimedia Marketing Council, Multimedia
  357. nanometers: Brightness, Whiteness
  358. NAPS: Off-Press Proof, Overlay Color Proof
  359. negative letterspacing: Set Width, Type and Typography
  360. network: Carrier, Communication Network
  361. network protocol: Token Passing, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  362. newsgroup: USEr NETwork, Internet
  363. object code: Object Program, Interpreter
  364. On-Demand Printing: Demand Publishing, On-Demand
  365. Orange Chrome: Molybdate Orange, Inorganic Color Pigments
  366. oscillator roller: Web Offset Lithography, Offset Lithography
  367. OSI: AppleTalk, Layer
  368. overprinted: Flat Color, Three-Color Black
  369. PABX: Dial Exchange, Computer-PABX Interface
  370. packet switching: Message Switching, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  371. paper: Pulp, Vellum
  372. parentheses: Braces, Brackets
  373. PC clone: PCX, Clone
  374. PCMCIA: Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, Digital Photography
  375. pen-based PC: Pen Computer, Pen
  376. Pentium: Multimedia, 64-Bit
  377. pi fonts: Ornament, Type and Typography
  378. pixels: High-Resolution File, Passive-Matrix
  379. PMS: Spot Color, PANTONE
  380. point of information: Multimedia, Point of Sale
  381. pointer: Cursor, Selection Tool
  382. portable computer: Luggable, Hand-Held
  383. PowerPC: Power Mac, Multimedia
  384. PPD: Aldus Printer Description, Screen Angles
  385. prologue: Book Typography, Preface
  386. PTMA: PMA, PTA
  387. QuickTime: Multimedia, QT
  388. rasterized: Raster Trapping, Hybrid Trapping
  389. read-only memory: Erasable Read-Only Memory, Firmware
  390. rear-screen projection: Rear Screen, Rear Projection
  391. reel stand: Gravure, Flexography
  392. repro: Reproduction Proofs, Proofing
  393. reproduction proof: Photorepro, Proofing
  394. right justification: Flush Right, Align Right
  395. ring: Token Passing, Token Ring
  396. RIP: PostScript Clone, Screen Angles
  397. RJ-11: Modified Modular Jack, Modular Jack
  398. S-VHS: Super-VHS, YC
  399. saddle-sewing: Lip, Binding and Finishing
  400. screen algorithm: Screening Filter, Halftone Screen Algorithm
  401. screen count: Color, Scanning
  402. Screen Printing: Press Configurations: Chase, Carousel
  403. screen resolution: Resolution-Dependent, Resolution-Independent
  404. scroll box: Thumb, Window
  405. search engine: Boolean Algebra, Internet
  406. Séquentiel Couleur à Mémoire: National Television Standards Committee, Broadcast Quality
  407. Sewn open-mouth: Bag, SOM
  408. sewn valve: SV, Bag
  409. show through: Contrast Ratio Method, Diffuse Opacity Method
  410. Single Sheet Color Proof: Overlay Color Proof, Cromalin
  411. Sixty-4-Bit: 16-Bit, 32-Bit
  412. small cap: Expert Set, Biform
  413. SMPTE: RP 125, Drop-Frame Time Code
  414. sodium sulfite: Semichemical Pulping, Pulping
  415. Standard Generalized Markup Language: Document Type Definition, Association of American Publishers
  416. standard observer: Color, CIE Color Space
  417. substance weight: Substance, Substance Number
  418. subtractive primary colors: Cyan, Magenta
  419. supercalender: Embossing, Calender
  420. synthesizer: Expander, Sample-Playback
  421. tabular: Tab, Table Entry Copy
  422. tag paper: Basic Size, Grade
  423. TARGA: TrueVision TARGA, TGA
  424. TCP/IP: Link-Support Layer, AppleTalk
  425. tear resistance: Square Sheet, Tabulating Board
  426. teletext: Interactive Teletext, Viditel
  427. three-dimensional (3D) animation: Inverse Kinematics, Cubic Mapping
  428. three-dimensional (3D) graphics: Object Editor, Object Rotation
  429. throughput: SCSI, Baseline
  430. Tight: Tightness, Loose
  431. token-passing protocol: Fiber Distributed Data Interface, Copper Distribted Data Interface
  432. track ball: Control Ball, Rollerball
  433. transparent pigments: Extender, Opacity
  434. Transparent software: Transparent, Transparency
  435. two-dimensional (2-D) animation: Animation, Cel Animation
  436. Type: Printing, Letterpress
  437. ultralarge-scale integration: Large-Scale Integration, Gigascale Integration
  438. Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Ink: Photo-Reactive Vehicle, Radiation Curing Ink
  439. Unicode: Adobe InDesign, Character Set
  440. vector graphic: Adobe Illustrator, Object-Oriented Graphic
  441. Vegetable Black: Black Pigment, Pigment
  442. Veronica: Internet, Archie
  443. VHS: Bumping Up, Camera
  444. video capture board: Frame Grabber, Acquire
  445. Video Effects: Transition, Editing
  446. vinyl resin: Monochlorbenzene, Isophorone
  447. virtual memory: Page, Virtual
  448. Water Immersion Method: Sizing, Internal Sizing
  449. Waveform Monitor: Waveform, Time-Base Corrector
  450. Web browser: Browser, Mosaic
  451. web offset: Lithography, Screen Ruling
  452. Web Offset Lithography: Feeding Section: Gravure, Flexography
  453. Web Offset Lithography: In-Line Finishing: Binding and Finishing, In-Line
  454. Web Offset Lithography: Infeed and Web Control: Splicing: Splicer, Roll Nose
  455. wide area network: Local Area Network, DECnet
  456. wildcard: Question Mark, Asterisk
  457. WYSIWYG: Macintosh Operating System, Line Justification Display
  458. Zip: Multimedia, SyQuest
  459. Fillers: Loading
  460. Hysteresis: Moisture Content
  461. packing: Blanket
  462. 10Base-T: Copper Distribted Data Interface
  463. 4to: Quarto
  464. access method: Gopher
  465. access protocol: Media-Access Control Protocol
  466. access time: Seek Access Time
  467. ACF: Advanced Communication Function
  468. achromatic color: Gray
  469. achromatic colors: Chromatic Colors
  470. acknowledgements: Book Typography
  471. Acrobat Reader: Portable Document Format
  472. across the grain: Roll-Set Curl
  473. activate: Active
  474. active matrix: Liquid Crystal Display
  475. active page: Display Frame
  476. Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation: Pulse Code Modulation
  477. ADC: Analog-to-Digital Converter
  478. additive: Plate
  479. additive plates: Diazo Plate
  480. ADF: Automatic Document Feeder
  481. adhesives: Binder
  482. Adobe PageMaker: Quark Inc
  483. Adobe Photoshop: Adobe InDesign
  484. Adobe PostScript: Portable Document Format
  485. advance: Advance On Royalties
  486. advance payment against royalties: Advance On Royalties
  487. Advanced Program-to-Program Communication: Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
  488. Agfa: International Color Consortium
  489. AIFF: Multimedia
  490. air knife coaters: Coating
  491. airbrushing: Frisket
  492. alias: Book Mark
  493. aliphatic hydrocarbons: Neoprene
  494. aliphatic solvent: Naphtha
  495. aliphatic solvents: Solvent
  496. alkaline: Basic
  497. alkaline papers: Calcium Carbonate
  498. alkaline pulping: Pulping
  499. all-points addressable: Composed Page
  500. Alpha AXP: 64-Bit
  501. Alt: Alternate Key
  502. Alternate Route: Alternative Route
  503. Alwan Color Expertise: Alwan Color Expertise/Talk
  504. AM: Frequency Modulation
  505. Analog scanners: Digital Scanner
  506. Angle Bars: Turning Bars
  507. Angle Marks: Register Marks
  508. aniline: Nigrosine
  509. anonymous FTP: Archie
  510. anti-pinhole agents: Chemical Pinholing
  511. antiskinning agents: Drier
  512. app: Application
  513. Apple: International Color Consortium
  514. ARCnet: Attached Resource Computer Network
  515. aromatic hydrocarbon: Buna N
  516. aromatic hydrocarbons: Neoprene
  517. aromatic solvents: Solvent
  518. Artwork Systems Group: Markzware
  519. assemble-style editing: Assemble Edit
  520. assembler: Cross Assembler
  521. asynchronous communications server: Dial-In/Dial-Out Server
  522. asynchronous transfer mode: Cell Relay
  523. AT-Compatible: Advanced Technology-Compatible
  524. at-sign: Internet
  525. ATM: Adobe Type Manager
  526. audio CD): CD
  527. Audio Dubbing: Dub
  528. Audio Mixing: Mix
  529. Audio Video Interleaved: Interleave
  530. author alteration: Proofing
  531. author alterations: Prepress
  532. author's alterations: Editorial Change
  533. automatic send and receive: Buffered Automatic Send/Receive
  534. AWG: Gauge
  535. Aynchronous Transmission: Asynchronous
  536. B channel: Integrated Services Digital Network
  537. B-channel: Primary Rate Interface
  538. B-ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network
  539. backbone gluer: Gluer
  540. backup copy: Backup
  541. backup printing: Folding
  542. bamboos: Paper and Papermaking
  543. Bang Path: Bang
  544. Banyan VINES: Association of Banyan Users International
  545. bar code scanner: First Rate Read
  546. Bar Code: Universal Product Code: Bar-Code Scanner
  547. bar graph: Bar Chart
  548. barb: Serif
  549. barium sulfate: Blanc Fixe
  550. barrier coating: Binding and Finishing
  551. basis weights: Blister
  552. BASR: Buffered Automatic Send/Receive
  553. batch sampling: Quality Control
  554. baud: Kilobaud
  555. beater dyed: Beater
  556. benchmark problem: Benchmark
  557. benchmark program: Benchmark
  558. Bernoulli: Multimedia
  559. Betacam-SP: Bumping Up
  560. binary coded decimal: Binary Decimal
  561. bind edge: Crushing
  562. Binding and Finishing: Finishing: Stamping Press
  563. Binding and Finishing: Finishing: Coating: Polymerization
  564. binding margin: Saddle-Stitching
  565. Bit Error Rate: Error Rate
  566. bitmap: Bézier Curve
  567. bitmap font: Adobe Type Manager
  568. blade coaters: Coating
  569. blind emboss: Blank
  570. blind margin: Gutter
  571. block gap: Interblock Gap
  572. blockout fluid: Stencil
  573. blue light: Yellow
  574. blue sensitive: Color Blind
  575. Bluelines: Proofing
  576. Bold Italic: Emphasis
  577. Book Publishing: Production: Book Typography
  578. booting: Bootstrapping
  579. Bootstrap: Bootstrapping
  580. boxes: Type and Typography
  581. BTS: Burster-Trimmer-Stacker
  582. building in: Binding and Finishing
  583. bulletin board service: Download
  584. bulletin board systems: Mainframe
  585. bullets: Type and Typography
  586. bump expsoure: No-Screen Exposure
  587. Bundled: Unbundled
  588. Butt Roll: Stub Roll
  589. buy: Keeper
  590. C++: Multimedia
  591. Cadmium-Mercury Reds: Cadmium Yellows
  592. calcium hypochlorite: Bleaching
  593. Calender Cuts: Calendering
  594. Calender-Blackened Streaks/Spots: Calender Cut
  595. calenders: Finish
  596. call: Chaining
  597. callback modem: Dialback Modem
  598. CAM: Real-Time Operating System
  599. carbonless: Multi-Part Forms
  600. Card Cage: Card Chassis
  601. Carded Package: Blister Package
  602. carrier detect: CD
  603. Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection: CD
  604. Cartesian coordinates: Geometric Model
  605. cascaded windows: Window
  606. cast coaters: Coating
  607. cast coating: Coated Paper
  608. cast-coated: Quick-Set Ink
  609. cathode ray tube: Display Monitor
  610. cathode-ray tbe: Phosphor
  611. CAV: Constant Angular Velocity
  612. CCIR: European Broadcast Union
  613. CCL: Common Command Language
  614. CD-R-WORM: Orange Book
  615. CD-ROMs: High Sierra
  616. cell switching: Cell
  617. center rewinder: Flexography
  618. CGM: Computer Graphics Metafile
  619. character generator: Titler
  620. character mode: Text Mode
  621. chat room: Internet
  622. check bit: Check Digit
  623. Chemi-thermomechanical pulps: Mechanical Pulping
  624. Chroma-Key: Matte
  625. Chrome Reds: Inorganic Color Pigments
  626. CIE: Commission International de l'Eclairage
  627. CIE L*a*b*: Color, Paper
  628. CIE Lab L*a*b* scale: Hunter L,a,b Values
  629. CIEL*a*b*: Color
  630. circuit board: Circuit Card
  631. Class A Certification: FCC Certification
  632. Class B Certification: FCC Certification
  633. clay-coated paper: Art Paper
  634. client/server: Gopher
  635. clode up: Medium Shot
  636. closed: Dashes
  637. closed-head: Gusset
  638. cloverleaf: Command Key
  639. cluster controller: Master Workstation
  640. CLV: Constant Linear Velocity
  641. Cmd: Command Key
  642. CMOS: Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
  643. coated: Waterproof Paper
  644. coated offset paper: Offset Paper
  645. coated one-side label: Label
  647. Cockle: Finish
  648. Coimpact Disc Video: Laser Disc
  649. cold-setting: Vehicle
  650. collision detection: CD
  651. Color Palatte: Palette
  652. color profiles: preflight
  653. color separator: Memory Colors
  654. color system: HLS
  655. Color: Color Measurement Systems: CIE Color Space
  656. Color: Color Separation: Process Color
  657. Color: Color Theory: Subtractive Color Primaries
  658. Comité Consultatif International de Téléphonique et Télégraphique: Consultative Committee International for Telephone and Telegraph Communication
  659. Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégfraphique: CCITT Groups 1:4
  660. command processor: Command Interpreter
  661. command prompt: Environment
  662. communication control character: Control Character
  663. communications satellite: Geostationary Satellite
  664. Compact Disc Video: Laser Disc
  665. compact disc-recordable: Orange Book
  666. complementary color: Gray
  667. compressed: Installation Program
  668. compressor/decompressor: Multimedia
  669. computer monitor: Graphics Display
  670. computer-aided drawing: Multimedia
  671. computer-assisted design: Bill of Materials
  672. computer-assisted drawing: Associative Dimensioning
  673. computer-augmented design and manufacturing: CADAM
  674. computer-sided design: Computer Graphics
  675. concentrator: Dual Homing
  676. conditional transfer: Conditional Branch
  677. conifers: Deciduous
  678. contention network: Bid
  679. control block: Volume Table of Contents
  680. control procedure: Link Discipline
  681. Convergence time: Convergence
  682. cooling drum unit: Flexography
  683. Copper Distributed Data Interface: Fiber Distributed Data Interface
  684. copperplate engraving: Copperplate
  685. copy-dot reproduction: Photography
  686. copyright page: Book Typography
  687. corp: Point System
  688. corps: Didot System
  689. corrugated board: Adhesive
  690. Corrugated box: Box
  691. cotton conent: Flat Bond
  692. cover: Sizing
  693. CP/M: Control Program for Microcomputers
  694. CPM: Critical Path Management
  695. CRC: Camera-Ready Copy
  696. crop mark: Master Flat
  697. Crop Marks: Mark
  698. cross fade: Fade
  699. cross-grain: Moisture Welt
  700. cross-hatch test: Adhesion Test
  701. cross-machine: Ridge
  702. Ctrl: Control Key
  703. CU: Close Up
  704. cursor-movement key: Arrow Key
  705. Cyclic Redundancy Check: Redundancy Check
  706. D log E curve: Characteristic Curve
  707. Daisy Chain: Daisychaining
  708. dampener: Gum Etch
  709. dampening roller: Molleton
  710. Dampening System: Intermittent-Flow System: Conventional Dampening System
  711. dampening systerm: Ductor Roller
  712. DampeningSystem: Spray-Bar Dampening System
  713. darkroom camera: Photography
  714. DAT: Dynamic Address Translation
  715. Data Acquisition: Data Collection
  716. Data Comprtession: Image Compression
  717. Data Encryption Standard: Encryption
  718. data terminal equipment: Drop Cable
  719. datum: Data
  720. dBrn: Decibel Above Reference Noise
  721. DCB: Disk Coprocessor Board
  722. DD: Double Density
  723. DDES: Digital Data Exchange Standards
  724. Dead: Finish
  725. debugging: Bug
  726. decibels: Gain
  727. dedicated server: Dedicated
  728. dehumidification: Relative Humidity
  729. delay distortion: Envelope Delay
  730. delimiter: Separator
  731. demodulation: Modulation
  732. departmental network: Enterprise Network
  733. desktop accessories: Desktop
  734. developing solution: Photography
  735. devide driver: Extended Memory Manager
  736. dew point: Humidity
  737. die stamping: Box
  738. die-stamp: Blank
  739. DIF: Drawing Interchange Format
  740. Differential Backup: Backup
  741. digesting: Paper and Papermaking
  742. digital color proof: Color Separation
  743. digital halftone: Screen Algorithms
  744. digital to analog converter: Digital
  745. digital versatile disc: High-Density Compact Disc
  746. digital video effect: Warp
  747. digital video effects generator: A/B Roll
  748. digital; camera: Computer Graphics
  749. digitizing board: Frame Grabber
  750. DIMM: Single In-Line Memory Module
  751. dimmed command: Grayed Command
  752. diode: Ablation Plate
  753. DIP Switch: Dual In-Line Package
  754. direct digital color proofing: Offset Lithography
  755. direct digital printing: Computer-to-Plate
  756. direct entry typesetter: Direct Input Typesetter
  757. direct halftone: Direct Screen Halftone
  758. Direct Manipulation: Drag
  759. disc image: Image
  760. dispersent: Deinking
  761. Distributed Processing: Distributed Data Processing
  762. Dmax: Maximum Density
  763. Dmin: Minimum Density
  764. dogear: Book Mark
  765. dot spreading: Dot Gain
  766. double in-line memory module: Single In-Line Memory Module
  767. double-wall corrugated: Box
  768. downward compatible: Backward Compatible
  769. DPSS: Direct Printer Services Subsystem
  770. Drag-and-Drop: Drag
  771. DRAM: Interleaving
  772. drop-frame: SMPTE Time Code
  773. dropout halftone: Highlight Halftone
  774. dropout type: Reverse Type
  775. drum scanners: Photomultiplier Tube
  776. Dry: Finish
  777. Dry Indicator Test: Sizing
  778. drying: Fourdrinier
  779. Dual-Sided Diskette: Double-Sided Diskette
  780. Dull finish: Coated Paper
  781. Dull-Coated: Finish
  782. dull-finish: Gloss
  783. durabilty: Ledger Paper
  784. DVE: Digital Video Effects
  785. DVI: Production-Level Video
  786. dye sublimation: Digital Printing
  787. dye transfer: Color Print
  788. dye-transfer: Application Printing
  789. dynamic random access memory: Interleaving
  790. dynamic routing: Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
  791. DYUV: Delta-YUV
  792. E: Exa-
  793. E-Mail Address: Internet Address
  794. echo cancellation: Echo Suppressor
  795. ECU: Extreme Close Up
  796. edit in/out: Off-Line Editing
  797. edit in/out point: Non-Linear Editing
  798. EGA: XGA
  799. Eggshell: Finish
  800. electromechanical process: Gravure Engraving
  801. Electron Beam Curing Inks: Vehicle
  802. Electronic News Gatheing: Electronic Field Production
  803. electrphotography: Xerox
  804. ellipses: Type and Typography
  805. email address: Internet
  806. emboss: Case Binding
  807. EME: Gravure Engraving
  808. EMI: Electromagnetic Interference
  809. Emulate: Emulator
  810. Encapsulated Post Script: Color
  811. encryption key: Encryption
  812. end-of-file: End-of-Input-File
  813. Enfocus Software: Markzware
  814. English: Finish
  815. Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture: Extended Industry Standard Architecture
  816. enter key: Return Key
  817. EOT: End-of-Tape
  818. epilogue: Book Typography
  819. EPROM: Erasable Read-Only Memory
  820. EPSF: Encapsulated PostScript
  821. erasable programmable read-only meory: Erasable Read-Only Memory
  822. error corection: Hamming Code
  823. EVA: PUR
  824. EXE: Launch
  825. exoansion slot: Socket
  826. Explicit Access: Contended Access
  827. expoosure time: Shutter
  828. external modem: Facsimile Modem
  829. external page storage: EPS
  830. f/stop: Digital Photography
  831. fast-to-light dyes: Lightfastness
  832. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations: Paper and Papermaking
  833. felt marked finish: Felt Finish
  834. field animation: Animating On Fields
  835. figure: Number
  836. file lock-out: Deadly Embrace
  837. file name: File Extension
  838. file system: Hierarchical File System
  839. File-Transfer Program: File-Conversion Program
  840. filling in: Sawtooth
  841. film advance: Line Spacing
  842. finishes: Cover Paper
  843. first-generation phototypesetter: Generation
  844. first-pass pages: Proofing
  845. fitted 1: Figures
  846. Fixed Spaces: Type and Typography
  847. fixed-width: Courier
  848. flexogaphy: Trapping
  849. flexographic press: Impression Cylinder
  850. Flexography: Hybrid Flexographic Presses: Flexo Gravure: Flexo Gravure
  851. Flexography: Hybrid Flexographic Presses: Offset Flexo: Offset Flexo
  852. Flexography: Printing Unit: Impression Bar
  853. flushed color: Mixing
  854. flying erase head: Erase Head
  855. focal length magnification: Digital Photography
  856. foil-stamping: Die-Stamping
  857. folded-paper method: Three-Strip Method
  858. folded-to-paper: Folding
  859. folded-to-print: Folding
  860. Folding: Buckle Folder: Folding Plate
  861. fomer folder: Plow Folder
  862. Food Packaging: Aseptic Packaging
  863. footcandle: Lux
  864. footcandles: Standard Viewing Conditions
  865. forward error correction: Hamming Code
  866. fountain cheeks: Inking System
  867. four-two-two: CCIR 601
  868. four-wire circuit: Four-Wire Channel
  869. Fowarding Roller: Feeder Section
  870. fractal compression: Fractal
  871. FreeHand: Computer Graphics
  872. FTAM: File Transfer, Access, and Management
  873. FTP: Universal Resource Locator
  874. full duplex: Duplex
  875. Full Machine Direction Burst: Air Shear Burst
  876. full-screen video: Full-Motion Video
  877. function key: Function Keypad
  878. G: Giga-
  879. galley camera: Photography
  880. GATF Color Chart: Color Circle
  881. GB: Color
  882. GEM: IMG
  883. GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out
  884. glass disc: Image
  885. glazed: Roller Stripping
  886. gluing: Box
  887. Gold: Metallic Powders
  888. goundwood: Drawing Paper
  889. Granite: Finish
  890. graphic arts camera: Open Face Vacuum Frame
  891. graphic arts photography: Check Shot
  892. graphic board: Graphics Card
  893. Graphic Coprocessor: Graphics Processor
  894. graphics coprocessor: Blitter
  895. Gravure Engraving: Electromechanical Engraving: Electromechanical Engraving
  896. Gravure Engraving: Laser-Cutting Process: Laser-Cutting Process
  897. Gravure Etching: Direct-Transfer Process: Photopolymer
  898. groundwood coated paper: Coated Paper
  899. guarded signatures: Reinforced Endsheets
  900. guillotine trimmer: Pad
  901. hacker: Cyberpunk
  902. Haftone: Prepress
  903. half duplex: Duplex
  904. halftone photography: Flash Exposure
  905. halftone screening: Color
  906. halftoner: Base Flash
  907. halftones: Camera
  908. Handmade: Finish
  909. handset type: California Job Case
  910. hardware interface: Interface
  911. Hayes-compatible modem: Compatibility
  912. head and tail tester: Paper and Papermaking
  913. head-to-side: Back Printing
  914. Head-to-Toe Imposition: Head-to-Foot Imposition
  915. Headbands: Binding and Finishing
  916. header information: Header
  917. heartbeat: Signal Quality Error
  918. Heat Sensitive Plate: Plate
  919. heat-set ink: Chill Roll
  920. hell box: Pi Characters
  921. HeNe: Helium-Neon Laser
  922. hex: Hexadecimal
  923. HiFi Color: Extra-Trinary Color
  924. High: Finish
  925. high definition television: D2-MAC
  926. high density: Double Density
  927. High Resolution File: Fine Data File
  928. high-level: Computer-Independent Language
  929. HMA: High Memory Area
  930. HMD: Head-Mounted Display
  931. HMSF: Rewritable Consumer Time Code
  932. hot metal type: Cold Type
  933. Hot Temperature Adhesive: Adhesive
  934. HQS: Screen Angles
  935. HTTP: Universal Resource Locator
  936. humidification: Relative Humidity
  937. Hunter L,a,b: Color
  938. hypen: Dashes
  939. hypenation: Dashes
  940. Hz: Hertz
  941. i.txt: Interactive Teletext
  942. IBM-cmpatible computer: Extended Memory Manager
  943. icons: Graphical User Interface
  944. IEEE: IEEE Project 802
  945. IFEN: Intercompany File Exchange Network
  946. IGES: Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
  947. Image Pac: Photo CD
  948. impact printing: Strike-On
  949. in between: Animatic
  950. Incremental Backup: Backup
  951. Industry Standard Architecture: AT Bus
  952. infeed tension unit: Gravure
  953. infeed unit: Flexography
  954. Initialization: Initialize
  955. ink color mixing: Proof Press
  956. Ink Jet Printing: Printing
  957. ink strike-through: Ink
  958. ink transfer: Printability Tester
  959. Ink: Printing Ink Problems and Defects: Dispersion
  960. Ink: Printing Problems and Defects: Trapping
  961. Ink: Printing Requirements: Flexography: Flexography
  962. Ink: Printing Requirements: Gravure: Gravure
  963. inker: Inking System
  964. Inking System: Screen Printing: Fountain Roller
  965. inplant publishing: Inhouse Publishing
  966. input device: Locator Device
  967. intelligent: Terminal
  968. intelligent copier/printer: Offset Lithography
  969. INTELSAT: Communications Satellite Corporation
  970. Interactive Processing: Interactive
  971. Interleaved Memory: Interleaving
  972. intermediate roller: Rider Roller
  973. internal hard disk: Internal Storage
  974. Internet Enginnering Task Force: Internet Architecture Board
  975. interprocess communication: Pipe
  976. intraframe compression: Intraframe Coding
  977. invisible ink: Sympathetic Ink
  978. IP: Gopher
  979. IPDR: Adhesive
  980. IPX: Link-Support Layer
  981. IRC: Internet
  982. ITALIC BOLD CAPS: Emphasis
  983. Italic Bold Caps & Small Caps: Emphasis
  984. italic bold small caps: Emphasis
  985. Jaz: Multimedia
  986. joggers: Delivery Section
  987. joint editing: Screen Sharing
  988. joy stick: Analog-to-Digital Converter
  989. KB: Scanning
  990. kerning pairs: Font Metrics
  991. key-light: Fill-In Light
  992. KHz: Digital Audio
  993. Kid: Finish
  994. kilobits per second: AppleTalk
  995. Kodak: International Color Consortium
  996. laid-in label: Label
  997. Lakes: Yellow Lakes
  998. large-format output: Computer Graphics
  999. LaserWriter: Apple Computer
  1000. lasso: Selection Tool
  1001. layout structure: Document Structure
  1002. LCH: Color
  1003. ledger: Air Drying
  1004. Left-Handed Coordinate System: Right-Handed Coordinate System
  1005. Letter-Quality: Fully-Formed Character
  1006. Letterpress: Belt Press: Belt Press
  1007. Letterpress: Rotary Press: Rotary Press
  1008. level 1 videodisc: Nebraska Scale
  1009. Lifting table: Guillotine Cutter
  1010. Light Pen: Pen
  1011. line feed: Control Character
  1012. linecasting: First-Generation Typesetter
  1013. Linen: Finish
  1014. Link Access Procedure: Link Level
  1015. Link Access Procedure-Balanced: Link Level
  1016. link layer: Data-Link Layer
  1017. linoleates: Linseed Oil
  1018. liquid inks: Ink
  1019. Liquid Photpolymer: Sheet Photopolymer
  1020. listserv: Listserver
  1021. Lithol Reds: Organic Color Pigments
  1022. lithopones: Opaque Pigment
  1023. local disk: Local
  1024. local structure: Logical Object
  1025. LocalTalk: Ring Network
  1026. loose-leaf: Binder
  1027. Low: Finish
  1028. Low-Level Language: High-Level Language
  1029. LS: Long Shot
  1030. M: Mega-
  1031. MAC: D-MAC
  1032. Mac OS: Portable Document Format
  1033. machine finish: Bag
  1034. machine-glazed finish: Yankee Dryer
  1035. Macintosh File System: Hierarchical File System
  1036. magneic tape: Non-Linear
  1037. magnetic cartridge: SyQuest
  1038. magnetic ink character recoignition: Omnifont
  1039. magneto-optical: Multimedia
  1040. Magneto-Optical (MO) Disc: Erasable CD
  1041. mail server: Internet
  1042. mainframes: Data Processing
  1043. makeup: Composition and Markup
  1044. making grips: Trapping
  1045. Manila paper: Manila Hemp
  1046. Markzware FlightCheck: Markzware FlightCheck/Talk
  1047. mass storage: Media
  1048. Maxwell triangle: CIE Color Space
  1049. MDA: Monochrome Display Adapter
  1050. mean time between failures: Power-On Hours
  1051. memory: Data Register
  1052. memory card: Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
  1053. Menu: Display Menu
  1054. menu bar: Window
  1055. Menu-Driven: Command-Driven
  1056. MG paper: Machine-Glazed
  1057. MHz: YCrCb
  1058. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Check Paper: Ink
  1059. microdot: Stochastic Screening
  1060. microphone: Mic
  1061. Microsoft: International Color Consortium
  1062. Microsoft Mouse: Mouse Button
  1063. MIDR: Adhesive
  1064. migration: Barrier Coat
  1065. mike: Mic
  1066. MiniDisc: MD
  1067. minuscule: Uncial
  1068. MIPS: Color
  1069. MJ: Modular Jack
  1070. MMJ: Modified Modular Jack
  1071. MO: Magneto-Optical Disc
  1072. moisture: Wet Rub Test
  1073. monofilament polyester screens: Monofilament Polyester
  1074. motion picture camera: Camera
  1075. mouldmade: Handmade Paper
  1076. Mouse Systems Mouse: Mouse Button
  1077. ms.: Manuscript
  1078. MSF: Minutes, Seconds, Frames
  1079. mss.: Manuscript
  1080. multi-tasking: Process
  1081. Multicast Backbone: MBONE
  1082. MultiFinder: Finder
  1083. multiple roll sheeting: Sheeting
  1084. multiplexed analog component: C-MAC
  1085. Multiplexed Analog Components: C-MAC
  1086. multiplexing: Broadband
  1087. multistation access unit: MSAU
  1088. multiwall: Ply
  1089. named pipe: Pipe
  1090. narrow stitching head: Saddle-Stitching
  1091. National Bureau of Standards: Metafile
  1092. negative acknowledgement: NAK
  1093. network architecture: Digital Network Architecture
  1094. network interface card: Network Board
  1095. network operating system: PowerLAN
  1096. neutral colors: Achromatic
  1097. NICAM: D-MAC
  1098. non-impact printer: Impact Printer
  1099. non-linear video: Digital Video
  1100. Nondiscrete Value: Discrete Value
  1101. nose end: Flying Splicer
  1102. ns: Nanosecond
  1103. objectriented programming: Encapsulation
  1104. oblique sheet monitor: Saddle-Stitching
  1105. OCR: Scanning
  1106. OCR scanner: Scanning
  1107. off-line editring: Workprint
  1108. off-press proofing: Offset Lithography
  1109. offset letterpress: Letterset
  1110. offset lithgraphy: Reel Rods
  1111. Offset Lithography: Plates: Plate
  1112. old face: Figures
  1113. Old Sttyle: Transitional
  1114. OLE: Photo CD
  1115. oligomers: Monomer
  1116. On-Line: Off-Line
  1117. onionskin paper: Cockle Finish
  1118. opaque ink: Color Mixing, Ink
  1119. Open Data-Link Interface: Link-Support Layer
  1120. Open Data-Link Interface/Network Driver Interface Specification Support: ODI/NDIS Support
  1121. Open Database Connectivity: ODBC
  1122. open flame dryer: Floating Dryer
  1123. open system: Open Architecture
  1124. Open System Interconnection: ISO/OSI Model
  1125. Open Systems Interconnection: Layer
  1126. Open Transport: AppleTalk
  1127. OpenDoc: Dynamic Data Exchange
  1128. OpenType: Adobe InDesign
  1129. operating: E-Mail
  1130. operatring system: Question Mark
  1131. optical character recognistion: Clear Area
  1132. organic ink pigment: Persian Orange
  1133. ornaments: Type and Typography
  1134. orphans: Typographic Color
  1135. OS/2 Warp: Warp
  1136. outfeed unit: Flexography
  1137. overlay color proofs: Single-Sheet Color Proof
  1138. overlay proof: Off-Press Proof
  1139. overprint color: Secondary Color
  1140. P: Peta-
  1141. packaging: Skid
  1142. paged-mode RAM: Zero-Wait-State Computer
  1143. Painter: Compositing
  1144. Paper and Papermaking: Printing Problems and Defects: Cutter Dust
  1145. Paper and Papermaking: Printing Requirements: Printing
  1146. Paper and Papermaking: Printing Requirements: Gravure: Gravure
  1147. paper finish: Granite Finish
  1148. Para Red: Organic Color Pigments
  1149. password: Access Code
  1150. paste inks: Ink
  1151. paste up: Make Up
  1152. Pasted-Valve Stepped-End: PVSE
  1153. Pasted-valve stopped-end: Bag
  1154. PBX: Blocking
  1155. PCL: Page Description Language
  1156. Pebble: Finish
  1157. peer-to-peer: PowerLAN
  1158. pen plotter: Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
  1159. perforator: Herringbone Perforator
  1160. Permanent Red FRC: Organic Color Pigments
  1161. petabyte: Exabyte
  1162. PhotoCD: Prepress
  1163. Photography: Basic Photographic Principles: F/Stop System
  1164. Photography: Halftone Photography: Prepress
  1165. Photoshop: Compositing
  1166. phototypesetting paper: Bromide
  1167. pickouts: Picking
  1168. PICS: Graphics Formats
  1169. pictogram: Glyph
  1170. Pinched-Bottom Open Mouth: PBOM
  1171. pinched-bottom open-mouth: PBOM
  1172. Platemaking: Flexography: Plate
  1173. Plates: Flexoography: Photopolymer
  1174. platesetter: Computer-to-Plate
  1175. plow: Former Board
  1176. point sizes: Copperplate
  1177. points: Type Gauge
  1178. polar solvents: Solvent
  1179. polyhydric alcohols: Solvent
  1180. pop: E-Mail
  1181. Port: Porting
  1182. Portable Document File: Adobe Systems
  1183. Portable_Document_Format: Adobe Distiller
  1184. positive working plate: Sharpen
  1185. PostScript font: TrueType
  1186. POV: Point of View
  1187. power conditioning devices: Power Surge
  1188. power-on self test: Diagnostic Program
  1189. Pptical Disc: Disk Drive
  1190. Prepress: Digital Prepress: Imposition
  1191. Prepress: Printing Processes: Flexography: Bar Code
  1192. presensitized: Plate
  1193. pressure-sensitive labels: Face Material
  1194. primary: Secondary Color
  1195. print run: Run
  1196. printability testers: Paper and Papermaking
  1197. Printer Command Language: Page Description Language
  1198. printer spot: Hairline Rule
  1199. printer's devil: Pi Characters
  1200. printer's proof: Master Proof
  1201. Printing Ink Defects and Problems: Ink
  1202. Printing Requirements: Ink
  1203. private branch exchange: Data PBX
  1204. procerss camera: F/Stop System
  1205. process color screen: Rosette
  1206. process red: Magenta
  1207. program generator: Application Generator
  1208. Programming: Program
  1209. programming language: Source Program
  1210. prop: Strike
  1211. protected mode: Real Mode
  1212. protocol stack: Protocol Suite
  1213. pt: Point System
  1214. puck: Bit Pad
  1215. pull-down menu: Window
  1216. pull-quote: Callout
  1217. punch card: Card Punch
  1218. punch-and-crunch editing: Assemble Edit
  1219. punch-down block: Quick-Connect Block
  1220. QuarkXTension: XTension
  1221. quarter fold: Chopper Fold
  1222. quartz iodide light: Key Light
  1223. quick-set inks: Quick-Setting
  1224. quicket ink: Web Offset Lithography
  1225. Quinacrinone Magentas: Organic Color Pigments
  1226. radiation-curing ink: Free Radical
  1227. radio frequency interference: FCC Certification
  1228. RAID: Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
  1229. RAM-animation: Real-Time Animation
  1230. RAM-drive: Virtual Drive
  1231. random-access memory: Color
  1232. rasterize: CRT Flying Spot Scanner
  1233. rational screen angles: Screen Angles
  1234. raw footage: Workprint
  1235. raw text: Uncoded Text
  1236. read head: Disk
  1237. reader's proof: Master Proof
  1238. Real-Time Processing: Demand Processing
  1239. real-tome processing: Demand Processing
  1240. reboot: Ctrl-Alt-Del
  1241. recovered fibers: Recycled Paper
  1242. red, green and blue: Drum Scanner
  1243. redirector: Requester
  1244. Reduced Instruction-Set Computing: Complex Instruction-Set Computing
  1245. Refiner Mechanical Pulp: Pulping
  1246. reflective copy: Scanner
  1247. Reflex Blues: Alkali Blues
  1248. refrsh rate: Refresh
  1249. register mark: Angle Mark
  1250. registration marks: Cutting and Trimming
  1251. registration plate: Side Guide
  1252. reinforced endsheet: Guard
  1253. reist: Photoengraving
  1254. Releational Database: Database Model
  1255. Remote Access: Remote User
  1256. Removable Hard Disk Drive: Data Shuttle
  1257. representative: Rep
  1258. reprography: Electrophotographic Plate
  1259. revision: Generation
  1260. RFI: Radio-Frequency Interference
  1261. Rhodamine B: Dye
  1262. RIFF: Raster Image File Format
  1263. right justfication: Align Right
  1264. rigid-plastic box: Hot Stamping
  1265. rivers: Word Space
  1266. roll stabd: Dancer Roller
  1267. ROM: Central Processing Unit
  1268. royalties: Advance On Royalties
  1269. RT Screening: Screen Angles
  1270. rules: Box
  1271. running feet: Foot Margin
  1272. Rustica: Lowercase
  1273. S Paper: Stabilization Paper
  1274. S-Video: Super-Video
  1275. sampling: Digital Audio
  1276. Satin: Finish
  1277. scan orientation: preflight
  1278. Scanning: Principles of Scanning: Color Depth
  1279. SCISI2: SCSI
  1280. screen burn-in: Screen Saver
  1281. Screen glitter heat transfer: Heat Transfer Printing
  1282. screen holder: Frame Clamp
  1283. Scroll: Scrolling
  1284. scroll bar: Window
  1285. scuff resistance: Ink
  1286. scuff-resistant: Rub-Proof
  1287. search: Content Search
  1288. search query: Boolean Search
  1289. second generation original: Dupe
  1290. second-pass pages: Proofing
  1291. select: Selection Tool
  1292. self-extracting archive: SEA
  1293. Semimechanical pulping: Pulping
  1294. sequential access: Serial Access
  1295. serigraph: Printing
  1296. server application: Client Application
  1297. setoff: Block Test
  1298. setup string: Escape Sequence
  1299. sharpening: Scanning
  1300. Sheet Photpolymer: Liquid Photopolymer
  1301. Sheet Separation Unit: Feeder Foot
  1302. sheetfed press: Web Press
  1303. shive: Fiber Cut
  1304. Side guides: Feeder Section
  1305. side-sewing: Binding and Finishing
  1306. side-wire stitching: Binding and Finishing
  1307. signatures: Thread Sewing
  1308. Silicon Graphics: International Color Consortium
  1309. silk screening: Printing
  1310. Silver: Metallic Powders
  1311. single-column: Double-Column
  1312. single-faced corrugated: Box
  1313. single-sheet proof: Off-Press Proof
  1314. single-wall corrugated: Box
  1315. skeleton: Modeling
  1316. skeleton wheel: Saws
  1317. slime spots: Pickout
  1318. SLR: Single-Lens Reflex Camera
  1319. small computer systems interface: SCSI2
  1320. smash resistence: Resilience
  1321. Snail Mail: E-Mail
  1322. SNAP: FIPP
  1323. snap-to: Grid
  1324. software developer program: Adobe InDesign
  1325. software developers program: Quark Inc
  1326. sound card: Multimedia
  1327. special effect: Reverse Type
  1328. specks: Dry Dusting
  1329. spirit duplicator: Duplicator Paper
  1330. Spool: Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line
  1331. Spooler: Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line
  1332. spot coating: Coating
  1333. spreads: Stroking
  1334. spreadsheet: Graphic Visualization
  1335. SQE: Signal Quality Error
  1336. Standardized Generalized Markup Language: Markup Language
  1337. static RAM: Zero-Wait-State Computer
  1338. stereo: Stereotype
  1339. stereotyping: Printing
  1340. Still camera: Camera
  1341. Still Video: Motion Video
  1342. Stipping: Flat
  1343. STP: Shielded Twisted-Pair
  1344. stripe method: Total Indicated Runout
  1345. strupe: Time Code
  1346. subtractive: Plate
  1347. subtractive plates: Diazo Plate
  1348. suction plate: Feedboard
  1349. Suede: Finish
  1350. sulfite: Tag
  1351. Sun Microsystems: International Color Consortium
  1352. super quick-set infrared inks: Infrared
  1353. Super-8: Camera
  1354. supercalenders: Finish
  1355. supershift: Supercase
  1356. surface model: Modeling
  1357. surface rewinder: Flexography
  1358. susbtrate: Infeed
  1359. Sychronous: Asynchronous
  1360. symmetric: Dynamic Balance
  1361. sync signal: CCIR 656
  1362. synchronization generator lock: Genlock
  1363. synchronous computer: Asynchronous Computer
  1364. Systems Network Architecture: Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
  1365. T1: Computer-PABX Interface
  1366. Tab-Delimited File: Comma-Delimited File
  1367. tablular copy: Technical Material
  1368. Taligent: International Color Consortium
  1369. tamper proof label: Label
  1370. tape streamer: Streaming Tape
  1371. TAPPI: Color, Paper
  1372. TAPPI Official Test Methods: TAPPI Useful Test Method
  1373. tarnish proof label: Label
  1374. Teaering Resistance: Tear Test
  1375. Technical and Office Protocol: Manufacturing Automation Protocol
  1376. Teflon: Plenum Cable
  1377. telescoped: Paper and Papermaking
  1378. terminals: Type and Typography
  1379. tertiary colors: Color
  1380. text scanner: Image Scanner
  1381. thermal direct transfer: Digital Printing
  1382. Thermomehcanical Pulping: Thermomechanical Pulp
  1383. three-dimensional (3-D) animation: Animation
  1384. three-dimensional (3-D) graphics: Bird's-Eye View
  1385. three-dimensional graphics: Volume Rendering
  1386. three-knife cutter: Binding and Finishing
  1387. tiled windows: Window
  1388. tilting-transfer table: Binding and Finishing
  1389. Timesharing: Conversational Timesharing
  1390. tinted: Line Art
  1391. tipping-in: Apron
  1392. title bar: Window
  1393. Title of PrintWiki Page: Tags Cheat-Sheet
  1394. TOC: Table of Contents
  1395. token: Token Passing
  1396. toolbar: Buttonbar
  1397. transaction file: Detail File
  1398. transformation algorithms: Kodak CMS
  1399. transparent ink: Color Mixing, Ink
  1400. triple-wall corrugated: Box
  1401. tristimulus value: Color Solid
  1402. twisted-pair wiring: Shielded Twisted-Pair
  1403. Two-Bit Color: Scanning
  1404. Two-Dimensional Animation: Three-Dimensional Animation
  1405. two-on: Perfect Binding
  1406. two-roll stand: Auxiliary Roll Stand
  1407. type 1:9 cable: IBM Cabling System
  1408. type families: Typestyle
  1409. typesetyle: Text Mode
  1410. typewriter: Ball Printer
  1411. typographic error: Printer's Error
  1412. typographic specification: Attribute
  1413. u/lc: U&LC
  1414. Ultraviolet Curing Inks: Vehicle
  1415. underlining: Scoring
  1416. ungroup: Group
  1417. unit count system: Unit System
  1418. Universal Ressource Locator: Hypertext Transport Protocol
  1419. unshielded twisted pair: Copper Distribted Data Interface
  1420. Unshielded Twisted-Pair: Shielded Twisted-Pair
  1421. upgrade: Update Hell
  1422. Uplink: Downlink
  1423. upload: Download
  1424. upsampling: Pixel Replication
  1425. URL: Book Mark
  1426. User-defined view: Computer-Aided Design
  1427. user-friendly: Interface
  1428. USM: Scanning
  1429. utility program: Multimedia
  1430. uudecode: MIME
  1431. uuencode: MIME
  1432. UV: Ultraviolet
  1433. varityper: Printing
  1434. VCR: Crash Edit
  1435. vehicles: Oiticica Oil
  1436. version: Generation
  1437. vertical interval time code: Vertical Blanking Interval
  1438. vertical storage system: Guillotine Cutter
  1439. Very-Large-Scale Integration: Gigascale Integration
  1440. very-large-scale intregration: Large-Scale Integration
  1441. Victoria Blue: Dye
  1442. video: Motion Video
  1443. video adapter: Analog Display
  1444. Video camera: Camera
  1445. video CD: White Book
  1446. video conferencing: Collaborative Screen Sharing
  1447. video control: Local Application Numerical Control
  1448. video display: Display
  1449. video effect: Door Swing
  1450. video error: Line Pairing
  1451. Video Home System: Super-VHS
  1452. video system control architecture: Rewritable Consumer Time Code
  1453. Videotex: Viewdata
  1454. vinyl film: Flexography
  1455. virgin fibers: Recycled Paper
  1456. VMS: DECnet
  1457. volume element: Voxel
  1458. W & F: Work-and-Flop
  1459. WAIS: Internet
  1460. wait state: Zero-Wait-State Computer
  1461. warm boot: Ctrl-Alt-Del
  1462. Warm Reboot: Cold Reboot
  1463. wash coating: Film Coating
  1464. washing: Tinting
  1465. Water: Finish
  1466. water-soluble gum vehicles: Ink
  1467. waterless offset: Waterless Lithography
  1468. web lead roller: Idler Roller
  1469. Web Offset Lithography: In-Line Finishing: Gluers: Gluer
  1470. Web Offset Lithography: Inking System: Anilox Roller
  1471. Web Offset Lithography: Press Configurations: Half-Web Printing
  1472. Web Offset Lithography: Rewind Equipment: Flexography
  1473. web offset lithopgraphy: Web Lead Rollers
  1474. Web Offset Lthography: Web Press
  1475. Web TV: Multimedia
  1476. wedge spectrogram: Photography
  1477. well-side: Stencil
  1478. white point: Calibrated RGB Color Space
  1479. white spot: CIE Color Space
  1480. Wide Angle: Angle
  1481. width: Multiple Master
  1482. Width Table: Width Value Table
  1483. Windows environment: Environment
  1484. wire-frame: Computer-Aided Design
  1485. wireframe model: Modeling
  1486. wireless communication: Line-of-Sight
  1487. wireless communications: Infrared Data Association
  1488. Wndows: Data Conversion
  1489. work ratio: Roller Setting
  1490. WORM: Magneto-Optical Disc
  1491. Wove: Finish
  1492. wow: Flutter
  1493. write head: Disk
  1494. x axis: Axis
  1495. xerographic printer: Electrostatic Printer
  1496. xeropgraphy: Xerographic
  1497. y axis: Axis
  1498. z axis: Axis
  1499. Zero Insertion Force Socket: ZIF Socket

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