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    The Free Encyclopedia of Print

    Welcome to PrintWiki, the Free Encyclopedia of Print. PrintWiki strives to provide a comprehensive, open-source knowledge base of information on the printing and graphic communication industry.


    PrintWiki Status

    January 2015

    As of January 2015 the wiki is in a read-only static archive state. Maintaining the site as a wiki requires a community of volunteers to curate new material and provide general oversight. A community has never formed around the site so we're looking into other options. The site has over 7,500 articles mainly from the Encyclopedia of Graphic Communications. This content is a reference for thousands of people that visit each month from search engines.

    — Adam Dewitz

    All text and images are licensed under a Creative Commons License
    permitting sharing and adaptation with attribution. (See Copyrights for details.)

    PrintWiki – the Free Encyclopedia of Print
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