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    Web-to-print - a process of taking printing orders over the Internet.
    Web-to-print is a very generic term referring to a number of processes and systems.

    Basic web-to-print

    A website with capabilities to transfer files via FTP or HTTP is often referred to as web-to-print, but this is misleading, unless the website is connected to the rest of the printer's workflow.

    Design-it-yourself web-to-print

    A website with a graphic designer where customers can either modify existing templates or design something from scratch.

    Template-based web-to-print

    A website with complete templates where users can substitute text and images. Some minor design capabilities may also be present to change fonts, colors or move elements around.

    Web-to-print applications

    Web-to-print with no printing

    Graphic designers utilize web-to-print systems to provide 24/7 template-base design services, e.g. for [WWW]Yard Signs.

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